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Patrick Norman

Office: Fairfax VA
Sr. Loan Officer
Direct: 571-249-3530
Cell: 571-249-3530
eFax: 703-259-8638

Office Address:
3201 Jermantown Road
Suite 800
Fairfax, VA 22030

About Patrick

Patrick grew up as the son of a Naval officer, and as such has lived in California, Florida, and Guam, before moving to Fairfax, Virginia. He does a great deal of business within the military community, as he understands their urgency and time-constraints when it comes to finding and closing on the perfect home, with the correct financing.

He is very proud to be part of a customer-centric company such as First Heritage that knows how to do things the right way from the first contact with clients. He works hard every day to make the financial lives of his clients easier by understanding what their needs are and proactively find a solution that will benefit them.

Patrick studied computer science at Radford University. Through this background, and over ten years of mortgage lending experience he has developed a keen analytical mindset. This has equipped him with the ability to ensure that every loan fits into the customers' short and long term goals, with an emphasis on comprehensive financial planning. There is no better reward than the certainty that he has provided the best option within every client's budget. No matter how small or big of a loan, he provides all clients with the same high level of service and energy.

Patrick prides himself on responsiveness, and treating each loan as if it were his own, creating an ideal experience for the client. 

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"Thank you for assisting me to refinance my loan. I really appreciate your time and effort that you have put to materialize this deal. I was able to reach you anytime and you have clarified all of my doubts. Your timely guidance on interest rate locking and closing was the secret of this success. As a client, I am amazed by your orientation skill. It was pleasure doing business with you and your team. I will definitely refer you to my friends for potential loan applications."

- Prem A.